--- James Cameron <quozl at us.netrek.org> wrote:
> Added to PROJECTS list.  I conjecture that the
> reason why it isn't
> implemented is that nobody believed it to be
> important.  I've watched
> quite a few INL games, and lag of participants
> doesn't really seem to
> make any difference to the result.

Ok. I still think some would like to see it included.
At least myself heh :)

> The big CMU versus Australia game a few years ago
> proved that for us.
> At least I think it was CMU.  Danny still has
> nightmares about it.
> Despite the CMU team playing with 600-800ms lag,
> they won convincingly.

Yah I heard about that. Did you play on the Australia
team for that game?

> If anybody adds it, I'm quite happy to keep it in
> the source.

I would like to add it. The code was in the older
version Vanilla so it's just a matter of finding the
old code and sticking it back in. Is there a
repository/archive of the old versions of Vanilla?

> Who is you?


> Doing it client-side would certainly lessen the
> authority and accuracy
> of any data.



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