In the context of getting started on my latest task:

I can't seem to find very much documentation. Even
within most of the C source files there is scarce
comments, and often there is NO documentation/comments
at all. 

I recall Carlos or someone saying they had been
working on some documentation. If I could see even the
draft form it would help me get a handle on things.

A global spec of what functions call what and what
each function does would be ideal. Or even just a
global picture of the flow structure (i.e. the primary
function is main() in dir/blah.c, associated with it
are the following subroutines x,y,z which handle doing
blah, blah, blah etc..)

Even our directory structure (/ntserv, /robotd,
/tools, etc.) isn't documented. 

Having good documentation or at least *some* may ease
the burden for new developers wanting to get involved
in the project.

So if anyone has *anything* they can send me it would
be appreciated.


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