David Watson contributed some network utilization stat graphs for a real
INL game held recently at eurotwinks.netrek.org.  As there have been
some discussion in the past about how much bandwidth Netrek needs, this
provides some useful data which might suggest that our earlier numbers
might need to be upped.  The graphs are available as part of the stats
at the below URL.

>Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 10:22:47 +0100
>To: ahn at genocide.netrek.org (Dave Ahn)
>From: David Watson <David dot Watson at team17 dot com>
>         These gifs are averaged over 5 mins so there will be higher 
>spikes, the 512k link seemed insufficient for the game, which had 7 
>observers. There was significant server -> client loss leading me to guess 
>that a 768k - 1M link should probably be used. Perhaps putting observers in 
>a lower QoS group would help or limiting their numbers.
>Game stats are at http://www.netrek.org/stats/eurotwinks.netrek.org/1051476719/

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