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US Citizen
I agree.
I agree.
I agree.

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** Netrek RES-RSA

This information and agreement is relevant only to U.S. Netrek client
developers/builders and Netrek server developers/administrators.

Many Netrek servers are RSA-enabled and require special RSA-enabled
"blessed" client binaries for gameplay.  This requirement prevents
players from downloading a client's source code and adding special
"borgish" features (such as auto- phasers, cloakers on tactical, etc.) 
to gain unfair advantages over others.

Both clients and servers use the RSA algorithm from RSA Laboratories
to employ public key cryptography for client validation.  You will
need access to the Netrek RES-RSA source code only if you plan to run
an RSA-enabled server or build an RSA-enabled client.  If you are
building a client, please be sure to check with the client
maintainer(s) to see if a blessed client for your platform is already

Because of U.S. export restrictions on encryption technology, you must
truthfully answer the following questions before a copy of the Netrek
RES-RSA library can be released to you.

- State your full, legal name.

- Are you a citizen or national of the United States or a person who
has been lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United
States under the Immigration and Naturalization Act?

- Do you agree not to export RSA and all related support code to the
extent incorporated therein, in violation of the export control laws
of the United States of America as implemented by the United States
Department of State Office of Defense Trade Controls?

- Do you agree to the terms and conditions of the RSAREF license?

- Do you agree to use Netrek RES-RSA and RSAREF solely for
non-commercial purposes?

Send a copy of this file with your answers to rsakey at
If you are a PGP user, sign the message and include your public key.
The decrypt key for the U.S. RES-RSA package will be sent to you
afterwards.  The encrypted U.S. RES-RSA package is located at

If you are trying to build an RSA-enabled client, please check with
the client maintainers for additional information.  RSA-enabled
clients not sanctioned by the maintainers are usually rejected by the
RSA client keys maintainer and RSA-enabled servers.

-da 3/25/99

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