Your change to avoid varargs.h was incomplete; va_start left in the code
shows you haven't made the appropriate changes.

Workaround is to use gcc-2.95, which is probably on your system.
For example, on my Knoppix CD with built-in Netrek client and practice
(newbie) server, the Debian package Makefile builds Vanilla like this;

export CC="ccache gcc-2.95";cd upstream/$(VANILLA);./configure --prefix=

Dave Ahn's previous fix to pledit/main.c probably doesn't relate, as
the problem you have is caused by gcc-3.3 dropping support for varargs.

On the lack of ncurses detect in configure, I see that the result is
cached.  Remove config.cache and re-run configure.

> I'm running Linux kernel 2.2.18pre21 with the Debian
> GNU/Linux 3.0 distribution.

That hasn't been released yet, as I understand.

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