On Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 04:32:46AM -0700, Zach wrote:
> I've downloaded the latest COW client from CVS and the
> latest BRMH (2.4.0) client.

Doesn't tell me really what you downloaded, though I presume with the
CVS you fetched the HEAD vesrions of each element in the repository.

> Where do I get the blessed keyfiles for COW (CVW) and BRMH
> (2.4)?

The question doesn't make sense to me.  What makes you think you need
them?  What are they, do you think?

> When I compile these clients it generates a new (obviously
> non-blessed) keyfile since it says no existing keyfile is
> found.

Good, it's working fine.

> The 2 linux precompiled binaries for brmh did not work so I
> have to compile the client myself to run it. 

Why did they not work?  Presumably it is something wrong with your 
system?  The conclusion doesn't follow from the evidence.

I don't really know what you are trying to achieve.

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