Sounds like you had "NEWBIE=1" instead of "PRET=1". Different modes, both 
used bots. If that's not the problem, then there was sometimes a slight 
delay as the bot you were replacing left the game. Everything would appear 
greyed out for ~15 seconds. A good way to get people to look at the MOTD :) 


James Cameron writes: 

> Okay, Nick, I tried it.  The bots nicely came in and helped out the 
> twinks, but with four on a side no further logins were allowed.  
> Teams "greyed out".  Any ideas? 
> It sure helps to add *@`hostname` to .bypass.  ;-) 
> By the way, the player index code is now live on continuum.  Please log
> in just to check.  ;-}  You should not notice any difference, unless
> you're timing the login confirmation delay. 
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