On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 02:49:41PM +0000, David Watson wrote:
> Player database works on a newly compiled server (from cvs), I had 
> to provide glib and gdbm which were not required before. I also had to edit 
> system.mk and add gdbm to extralibs giving:
> EXTRALIBS = $(LINKFLAGS)  -lnsl -lm -lgdbm

Thanks.  Ideally configure should find this out but my change had not 
progressed to that stage.  If you have patched for configure.in, please
let us know.

> NO_DUPLICATE_HOSTS kills PreT for me. (one robot comes on), I'm not sure 
> why you think it might not kill them as they connect like clients?

Yes, NO_DUPLICATE_HOSTS is currently incompatible with PreT robots, and
I'll change the default in config.h.in in CVS.  Yes, an exception list is
probably a good idea.  There's at least two players that I know of who
connect through a common firewall.

> PS. What's the best way to shutdown a running server?

Kill the daemon, normal kill.  Avoid -9, as it may leave the memory 
segment around.  Kill the netrekd.

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