I believe that PreT is always 4v4 so there is a limit (not sure why it is 
needed) On a working preT server you do see the teams greyed out before a 
bot quits leaving a slot open for you to join. once you reach the minimum 
for T then preT ends and you can progress up to a full game...

	Certainly the bots are not quitting out at any time, either when a human 
wants in or after preT times out with no players. To my uneducated eye it 
looks like the bots slot is freed in order to get it out? Its the pret bot 
that manages this (robots/pret.c) and the function given below

static void stop_a_robot(void)
     int i;
     struct player *j;
     int teamToStop;

     if(debugTarget != -1 && debugLevel == 3) {
         messOne(255, roboname, debugTarget, "#1(%d): %d  #2(%d): %d", 
team1, num_humans(team1), team2, num_humans(team2));
     if(num_humans(team1) < num_humans(team2))
         teamToStop = team1;
         teamToStop = team2;

     if(debugTarget != -1 && debugLevel == 3) {
         messOne(255, roboname, debugTarget, "Stopping from %d", teamToStop);
     /* Nuke robot from the team with the fewest humans. */
     for (i = 0, j = players; i < MAXPLAYER; i++, j++) {
         if (j->p_status == PFREE)
         if (j->p_flags & PFROBOT)

         /* If he's at the MOTD we'll get him next time. */
         if (j->p_team == teamToStop && j->p_status == PALIVE && 
rprog(j->p_login, j->p_full_hostname)) {

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