I've placed the NO_DUPLICATE_HOSTS feature into production on Continuum
and it tests out fine.

The way it works is to hold the client back from joining the queue or
the game until a previous client from the same IP address exits.  The
client displays a wait queue of 32.

Exceptions to the rule are;

- an observer from the same IP address is ignored when a client is 
joining the game on the normal port.  This is so that observers can
queue their player client.

- only the active slots are checked, not the queue ahead, so an IP can 
be on the queue in two places if it is not yet in the game, and this 
could allow a duplicate.

If you're already in the game, and you start another client, you will be
passed by others not in the game.  In the "wait queue 32" state, you are
not strictly in a queue at all.  The server end of the connection will
be polling the player list, waiting for you to free the slot.  Once that
happens, it will be as if you started the client then.

I've yet to find out if this conflicts with the way the PreT robots
join, but as I saw a queue for them it seems unlikely.  This new check
is done on the pickup queues only.  INL ports are unaffected.


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