--- Stephen Thorne <stephen.thorne at gmail.com> wrote:
> I fear that PLAYING netrek is the primary reason client 
> development stagnates.

G'day Stephen,

ISTM the primary reason client dev is not very active these
days is:

1) reflection of shrinking playerbase
2) higher priorities (family, kids, job, etc..)
3) apathy - see 1) e.g. "Why put time into developing
for game that is dying anyways" etc..

I don't agree with assumption of 3) though. I think netrek
will only die if we let it die. Yes certain circumstance
have changed since netrek was at its apogee but we continue
to see new players who are attracted to the game dynamics
and stick with it. How we can get more to give netrek a go
and then retain a greater number from that set is worth

Anecdotally I recall at CMU that Terrance and one of the
other server gods played on a daily level (several hours!)
and yet where involved in client development at a level of
activity we haven't seen in years. I think the main thing
is motivation and passion. People make time for things they
are truly passionate about and care for in life no matter
what mitigating circumstances may exist.

Also speaking as an aspiring netrek developer I think it
would help if the senior developers could brainstorm better
documentation or intro document or something to give a good
overview/into of the code base, dev process and procedures.
A Netrek Client/Server Development FAQ & HOWTO would be

yoda at netrek.org

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