Have you ever been in this situation?  You are representing a client
who is supposed to receive a monthly payment. On some months, that payment
has been made on time, but on other months it has been paid late and
often not at all. Your client is entitled to interest on amounts owing,
but figuring out how much interest precisely is another matter.

In these situations, our Interest Wizard can reliably help you determine
the correct amounts owed.  Whether your client is owed Child Support, Rent,
or any judgment or debt payable in monthly, weekly, or yearly installments,
our Interest Wizard can help you calculate what's owed and generate
a professional looking report to attach to a court filing.

Simply enter the monthly obligation and any payments actually received.
Click on the Calculate button and you have a chart reflecting the total
obligation owed, every payment actually received, the amount due after
each payment, and the accrued interest. When you're done, you can print
your chart and save the file under your client's name.

Give our Interest Wizard a try today. It's just $69.95, and it's guaranteed
to satisfy or your money back. To place an order, visit our website at:
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