I can't seem to find any BRMH 2.4 or Paradise RC3
binaries that are blessed for pickled.psychosis.net

I downloaded the binaries from ftp.netrek.org

The BRMH 2.4 binaries either ghostbust write away or
complain about not finding mpz_init() :( 

The Paradise RC3 client just says that "This is not a
blessed client."

So far the ONLY linux client I've found that works on
pickled is the Paradise 2.99 FINAL client !


I've not the only one with this problem. Recently Nimret
was having same issues with BRMH 2.4 as well.

I'd gladly do a fresh compile if someone will put them up
on  ftp.netrek.org

I've mailed Karth several times but have received no
replies in the past several months regarding this issue.


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