In previous mail, E. Hietbrink spouted...
> Netrek in its current form was born in 1988, so that should adequately predate
> this patent. But many of the game features that you inquire are even present
> in Netrek's direct predecessors, Xtrek, Conquest and Empire, dating back to the
> early 80's.

	I am looking at title page of the original version of
	'empire' at the moment, the game that all these derive from.

	"Copyright 1977, 78, 83 -- by Charles Miller and Gary Fritz"

	I can get you contact information for Miller if you'd like - I
	have no idea with Fritz has been for the past 20+ years, tho.

	This is not being sent to Nick - if you want to forward it on,
	please feel free.


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