I think the below irc conversation sums up this posting:

<ahn> "netrek at us.netrek.org" for general discussions 
<ahn> "netrek-dev at us.netrek.org" for development discussions 
<ahn> "netrek-cvs at us.netrek.org" for CVS commit logs. 
 <ahn> I suggest toasting vanilla-announce, merging vanilla-clients 
into netrek-dev, vanilla-clue-pickup into netrek, vanilla-devel and 
vanilla-list into netrek-dev, vanilla-metaserver into netrek-dev. 

Expect to get several un-subscribe notifications and a couple subscribe 
notifications as I clean up the mailing lists.

If you want details, please send me email off-list and I'll add you to the 
trouble ticket.
Bob Tanner <basic at us.netrek.org>          
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vanilla-announce mailing list
vanilla-announce at us.netrek.org

vanilla-list mailing list
vanilla-list at us.netrek.org