> The problem with full updates messing up COW users is not 
> caused by genspkt.c. 
> The version 1.20 that continuum is using just doesn't exhibit 
> it because the no flag packet bug covers it up.  The real 
> problem is that the increase to 32 players made the full 
> update packet larger than a 768 byte buffer COW uses. 
> The solution is to increase the buffer size in COW, not add 
> bugs to the server that make the problem disappear for a bit. 

And based on these two segments:

#define BUFSIZE 1024
char    buf[BUFSIZE];

and later in doRead()

  count = read(asock, buf, BUFSIZE - /* space for packet frag */ BUFSIZE / 4);

I'm assuming all you did was increase the BUFSIZE constant?

I haven't had time to reproduce this in a debugger, but I figured it was something like this.  Most of the problems I've seen in the netrek code have been buffer problems. :(