The downgrade of genspkt.c on continuum has caused a few problems.  The cod=
to indicate observers is now missing.  When there are lots of observers,
people with one column player lists run out of room for real players.  Some
clients can turn off observers in the player list to make room, but that do=

The problem with stats updating has been re-introduced.  It still sometimes
takes 10 minutes for everyone's stats to be displayed after login.

And there is a bug where player flag packets are never sent.

All these bugs were fixed in the latest (like a year old!) version.

The problem with full updates messing up COW users is not caused by genspkt=
The version 1.20 that continuum is using just doesn't exhibit it because th=
no flag packet bug covers it up.  The real problem is that the increase to =
players made the full update packet larger than a 768 byte buffer COW uses.
The solution is to increase the buffer size in COW, not add bugs to the ser=
that make the problem disappear for a bit.

If you are going to release a now cow, how about fixing this bug?