Vanilla 2.9pl8 was released on 6th December 2002.

netrek-server-vanilla 2.10.0 was released today, based on Vanilla 2.9pl8
plus all patches made to CVS in the interim.
69c17f4a54377c7be832bbfb9a0aac6b  netrek-server-vanilla-2.10.1.tar.gz

Released first in Australia.  Later it will be imported to SourceForge
and other repositories. has yet to be
updated, but I'm planning that.

Further patches against 2.10.0 or CVS are welcome, please post them.

Debian packages can be found also in that directory, suitable for use by

Brief summary of packaging changes:

- package name changed from Vanilla to netrek-server-vanilla
- version format changed from x.y patchlevel z to x.y.z
- dot files renamed to remove the dot
- split into bin, lib, etc, and var (but can be configured to a single
  directory still)
- embedded packaging directories for debian and rpm styles

Detailed summary of changes:

2.10.1: released 2005-09-30

- add missing build dependency on debian package [cameron]
- fix compilation on GCC 4.0.1 [cameron]
- fix compilation on GCC 3.4.3 [thorne]

2.10.0: released 2005-09-30

- GNU standards for Makefile [cameron]
- change version number format from 2.9pl8 to 2.10.0 [cameron]
- find .metaservers file in SYSCONFDIR not default directory [cameron]
- split into multiple directories per LSB, avoid dot files [cameron]
- compilation fixes for Debian Sarge and Fedora Core 3 [cameron]
- varargs to stdargs conversion [rekless]

- newbie robot entry queue fix [cameron/southall]
- fix INL free army clone bug [pog]
- fix crash on conq, if conqfile not writeable, redirect to stderr [cameron]
- fix database corruption caused by system shutdown during kill [cameron]
- fix practice robots not firing at enemy [piepho]
- fix visible tractors for observers [pirogov]
- fix slot t avoidance check [larimda]

- observer muting support [cameron]
- observer message throttling [cameron]
- admin command (free and ban while god observing) [cameron]
- began support for whitelisting [cameron]
- began support for user registration [cameron]
- hide hostname for whitelisted slots [cameron]
- NO_DUPLICATE_HOSTS feature to reduce scumming and DoS [cameron]
- NO_HOSTNAMES feature to reduce player to player DoS [cameron]
- player database index and access timing [cameron]
- galactic collapse mode for setgalaxy [cameron]
- avoid slot t [cameron]
- run puck before player and faceoff, ex psychosis [villapando]

For even more detail, see ChangeLog.

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