Welcome Pascal!

It is Gregory Hermann who has been working on a new client.  We last
heard from him on 18th January.  He was going to add refit and plasma
support that weekend.  Check out the mailing list archives to catch up
on the discussion.

Open source projects often need graphic artists and it is good to hear
from one.  That you also play Netrek is great.  ;-)

Other things we need art work for are:

- web page content, backgrounds and static structures, especially if
  they can be done in CSS, (I'm not very good at it),

- metaserver web page,

- startup screens for Netrek programs,

- an image to go with the metaserver window,

- an image to go with the wait queue window,

- an image as background for log in stage,

- an image to go with team selection window,

- game piece images, such as planets and ships, explosions and torps,

This last need has some severe technical constraints.  It is difficult
to show different planet attributes.  It is difficult to fit all this
information into a 32x32 pixmap, like in COW or NetrekXP.  Gregory's
client may have different needs.

Because we're an open source project, we need to be able to know that
what you are providing is truly yours, and not someone elses work.  So
avoid posting images on web sites that claim copyright.  Learn how to
post on your own web site.  We can help you with that in IRC.

James Cameron    mailto:quozl at us.netrek.org     http://quozl.netrek.org/