On Monday 17 April 2006 04:48, William Balcerski wrote:
> Ah, it turns out NetrekXP does not use SDL, guess it branched off before
> that was added.  Since sound mixing would be a really good thing, I'm
> going to look into putting it into NetrekXP following what was done to the
> COW client.  I looked over the Changelog for COW, it seemed SDL was one of
> the larger changes.  Any other things that were added within the last 6
> years that might be worth porting over to XP?

I think the SDL sound stuff I did was the last major addition to COW. 

Mostly did the work because it was during the transition from OSS to ALSA, 
ironic the Linux world is still transitioning....

I picked SDL to make a cross-platform sound system, let me know if my hack is 
to hard to read and I can help out.

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