On 4/18/06, Bob Tanner <tanner at real-time.com> wrote:
> On Monday 17 April 2006 06:04, Stephen Thorne wrote:
> > I've been having problems with building cow. I've tried this with OSX
> > and ubuntu dapper, and have experienced the same problem, so it's
> > probably a bug in the build process.
> Have you looked at the debian/rules file in the package that available from
> here:
> ftp://ftp.real-time.com/linux/real-time/pool/non-free/n/netrek-client-cow

No, I hadn't. I've been using CVS. Perhaps there's a regression?

When I compile it myself, (./configure;make) from CVS, it fails with
the error described, trying to use a bare -I.

When I compile from the debian package, it uses -I/usr/X11R6/include/,
but that does a configure like so:

CC="cc" CXX="g++" CFLAGS="-g -Wall -O2" CXXFLAGS="-g -Wall -O2"
CPPFLAGS="" /home/stephen/src/netrek-client-cow-3.2.0/./configure 
--build=i486-linux-gnu --prefix=/usr --includedir="\${prefix}/include"
--mandir="\${prefix}/share/man" --infodir="\${prefix}/share/info"
--sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var
--libexecdir="\${prefix}/lib/netrek-client-cow" --srcdir=.
--disable-maintainer-mode  --enable-unstable

It seems that
./configure --x-includes=/usr/X11R6/include/
is the minimum requirement for getting it to build, however, there
seems to be a further problem.

'make' by itself causes the mkkey bit to fail with an error message,
this seems to be the minimum 'make' commandline that works:
make KEYDEF=sample_key.def netrek

So it seems there are regressions.
Stephen Thorne
Development Engineer