On Monday 17 April 2006 18:13, James Cameron wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 18, 2006 at 08:57:57AM +1000, Stephen Thorne wrote:
> > That's the thing, when you don't use the debian package tools, it
> > doesn't build correctly.
> Okay, that's a regression.  Patches welcome.  If the Debian packaging
> has do to something special, perhaps that something special should be
> moved into upstream.

Not really regression, I was stating that the debian build tool works and a 
manual compile can work too -IF- a KEYDEF is defined.

My point was, use the debian tools (since you mentioned dapper) and see how it 
builds the code by defining a KEYDEF make variable.

I spoked to Quozl on IRC about it, we can improve the pristine build 
environment, but the "error" you receive is legit, you need to have a KEYDEF 
defined in order to compile things.

I wrote a quick hack, Quozl patched it, to look for our personal keys (Looks 
like Dave Ahn's too) and to default the sample_key.def if it cannot find any 
of those keys.

AFAIK, KEYDEF has always been required to build COW, if the docs don't say as 
much they should be updated.

I believe you are Jerub on IRC?

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