I've been fiddling with alternate source repositories, specifically
I've created an alternate 'darcs' source repository that mirrors the
changes in developer-access CVS. Current policy and thinking is that
darcs patches should be posted to this list, and post review they can
be integrated into 'upstream' SF CVS.

At this point, the 'cow' darcs repo is broken, and the vanilla repo is
missing some changes.

At this point, while I'd love people to use the darcs repo because I
love darcs, and I think it's a real nice way forward in the freedom of
software, I can't advocate using the darcs repo instead of CVS. It's
really quite experimental right now, and I would class it as
completely broken.

The current darcs repo which is http://www.netrek.org/ and manages the
website is working well, and patches are accepted for that website, I
refer speicfically to the repos named 'netrek-server',
'netrek-client-cow' and 'netrek-client-xp'.

Considering how important the consistancy of source repositories is to
development, I found it necessery to report the status of what's going
on here.
Stephen Thorne
Development Engineer