Wed Apr 26 19:46:39 EST 2006  quozl at
  * move voting to site policy
  This patch moves voting from compile-time configuration to 
  run-time configuration file etc/sysdef.  It also places eject and ban 
  policy within the control of the server administrator rather than the 
  source project.

Wed Apr 26 23:01:58 EST 2006  quozl at
  * sndFlags was called without initialised pointer
  Fix regression introduced in 2003-01-08, with the addition of visible
  tractors for observers.  The sndFlags function was being called with
  a pointer that was not valid.  The results were unpredictable; on i386
  the server state was corrupted, causing mass confusion of the clients,
  and on sparc (from memory) cambot simply segfaulted.  Thanks to KeyOS
  and the guys in IRC for ideas to debug.
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