On Wed, 26 Apr 2006, William Balcerski wrote:
> Been trying to find the cause of the following bug:
> If you are warp 0 and raise/lower shields or cloak/decloak, there are

Player cloak/shield status is sent along with player positions in the VPlayer
packet.  If no one at all moves, you don't get a new position packet and so the
flags aren't sent.  Normally this just doesn't matter as no visible ships moving
never happens.  What you would need to do is keep track of if a VPlayer packet
is sent or not, and only consider the flags sent if it is.  Doesn't seem worth
the trouble for a display glitch that only appears under controlled conditions.

> Basically, shield/cloak info is not sent by the small update (indeed,
> requesting a small update does not refresh cloak/shield info, the
> bug still occurs).  I don't believe this is the proper fix, but it at

James added a kludge years ago so that no flags at all aren't sent on updates,
to avoid a buffer overflow on old clients.  Maybe that's still the problem, I
don't know if that code is still there.