That looks fantastic.  Any chance of another mock-up based on a real
tactical display, with several planets, ships, and weapons?  Add a
background of stars?

Things to worry about when scaling up ...

- reach of mouse ... the galaxy coordinate offset traversed by the mouse
  in a 1000x1000 tactical will be half of the standard 500x500 client
  display, so it will have a very different feel unless people want some
  special mouse acceleration mode,

- smoothness of rotation ... the server keeps angle of rotation for
  ships as a number from 0 to 255, which is 1.4 degrees per bit ...
  clients have kept only certain rotations of the image, such as 16 of
  them, which is one every 22.5 degrees ... at higher resolution this
  rotation is more chunky, but then the update rate of ten per second
  and the orbital velocity may combine to change this yet again.

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