On Thu, 27 Apr 2006, James Cameron wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 26, 2006 at 02:04:54PM -0700, Trent Piepho wrote:
> > James added a kludge years ago so that no flags at all aren't sent on
> > updates, to avoid a buffer overflow on old clients.  Maybe that's
> > still the problem, I don't know if that code is still there.
> Good call, maybe it is still there.  I suspect that the buffer overflow
> was merely the size of UDP packets sent, and I remember that I figured
> out a simpler way to reduce that.
> If anyone knows where to look, let me know.

That information would be in the missing CVS history....

The buffer overflow was caused the size of the UDP packet.  If the archive of
this list is still around, you can find where I found the cause of the 'full
update crashes client' bug and described it in some detail.