On Wed, Apr 26, 2006 at 10:10:14PM -0400, Zach wrote:
> Will patches to darcs also be applied to the cvs repository?

If they are to be included in a release, yes.  Otherwise no.

darcs repositories vary in policy.  After 1st June, the authoritative
repository for the server source will be a darcs repository hosted on
www.netrek.org.  But already we have developer scoped darcs
repositories, such as Stephen's, mine, and Continuum's.  There may be
others we don't know about.  If you do a darcs get on any of these
repositories, then you'll have your own repository too.

What brings up the question for you?  What are you afraid of?  Is it
that you worry that patches will be lost because they are distributed
in several repositories?  Worry not.  It is the responsibility of the
release engineer to pick and choose what patches to apply when forming
a new release.

I'm only release engineer by default and experience.  As with any open
source project, there's nothing stopping anyone else from trying to do
better and release a version of Netrek with whatever they like changed.

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