I've noticed the list has been mostly quiet ever since September since I
stopped sending darcs patches to the list and instead hosted them on my
public repo.  Server development in the last 3 months has been fast and
furious by both James and myself.  His repo is http accessible with darcs
cgi to allow for patch browsing and such, for those who might be
interested here is the link:
Please forgive me if you didn't want me to post that link James, thought
it's be ok as it's listed on the dev wiki.

Anyways, here are a list of the major changes made by both James and
myself, for those who can't be bothered to look at the repo:

Sysdef option for preT idling
Sysdef option to mute observers
Sysdef option to not allow permabanned people to connect
Sysdef option for admin password
Path tools for use in scripts and elsewhere
Sysdef option for DD and GA ranks
Multiple newbie and pret server enhancements such as new sysdef options
to control human/robot balance and numbers, as well as improved logic
regarding bot spawning.
Fix to blank login name bug
Fixes to cambot and INL stats paths so game stats properly are sent
to stats archive
RSS server feed, which creates a http blog with all sorts of events
(conquer, base death, pickup game full, etc).
Sysdef option to use guest names for robot names
Real-time daemon restart using SIGHUP
Sturgeon code merged into Vanilla!
Torps track practice robots
All torps expire 5 seconds max after death
Improvements to ship cap packets, such as support for observers,
and when using xtkill
Allowing bombing of all planets in t-mode opponent's home space
New individual transwarp permission toggle (i.e. transwarp off 0)
Sysdef option for starbase rebuild time
Persistent ignore settings by IP

I probably missed a few things too, with 100+ patches to go through.
Anyways just wanted to drop a line to make sure people know development
is still ongoing, even if this mailing list isn't the hotbed it was a
few months ago.