Turns out there is a solution in place already for listing INL servers on
the metaserver, reading the metaservers-HowTo actually is useful :0.  I've
listed both home and away ports on the warped INL server to metaserver2.
With permission, I'll report them to metaserver as well, on the day of the
clue games.  I'm a little foggy still on how the server gets automatically
delisted, if I remove the metaservers file it will get delisted in an hour
or so right?  Probably the best solution is to just change the metaserver
to not list any servers flagged as INL until they get 1 person, this has
actually been suggested before by E. Heitbrink.  Also, the right click to
observer option is broken..client assumes obs port is player port+1.  But
that's a minor issue, getting the servers to show up on the metaserver
will make it much easier to get people to actually play in these clue
games.  Of course I want to make sure it's non disruptive and not listed
all the time, which is why I'm asking permission and insight
into how servers get autoremoved beforehand :).