Yea both netrek XP and paradise2000 have dashboard repair timers as well
as the ability to guess which planet you are orbitting (used to display
army count on tactical).  There are situations where both can fail though
- if planets can move and they overlap, finding closest planet to your
ship is not always the planet you are orbitting.  And for repair time, it
fails for observers who cannot know the war decs of the person they are
observing - thus when observee is orbitting an enemy repair planet, it's
only a guess as to whether that player is gaining the repair bonus.

On Wed, 13 Dec 2006, Andrew K. Bressen wrote:

> James Cameron <quozl at> writes:
> > It seems that both values could easily be derived from the data stream
> > already, and so adding them to the protocol doesn't seem to be much of a
> > problem.
> paradise2000 already provides a repair timer.
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