=- Zach wrote on Thu 14.Dec'06 at 18:19:12 -0500 -=

> however I can't get it to accept my macro key (TAB) and shift-x
> is too awkward/slow. Does anyone know what is the correct way to
> define your own macro key in the Paradise clients?

mac.[].<>: string

[]: any key, try ^i for Tab.
<>: target, T for team, % codes for mouse or ship-pos related.

> Also I can't get the RCDs working. If I do Ctrl-t for example it
> toggles the dashboard clock between different time formats. The
> custom macro key and RCDs work fine in every Windows client I've
> used.

IIRC RCD are still macros, so you need to invoke the macro-key
first, which probably is not ^t. There is "singleMacro" directive
which lets you specify which macros are activated directly with
the key specified without using the macro-invocation key.
Beware: the keys used (unexpectedly) override any native functions
the keys originally might have had, it's not just remap:
 "singlemacro: pkt" would disable phaser, course, torps altogether.
Any keymap using pkt would refer to the singlemacros, not the

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