=- Andrew K. Bressen wrote on Mon 18.Dec'06 at 18:22:57 -0500 -=

> But I do not want to increase the inertia of a system that I
> don't think looks good enough to attract newbs.

Then maybe you should explain what "good enough" means (for you).
Attraction should be done by functionality of the code and appeal
of the product itself rather than the website. Having some
screenshots on any website system should cover that.

> We should have a design that looks as good as the genocide content.

(hmm, maybe I should turn back on all the fancy/ flashy things to
see what you mean which I normally turn off to save my eyes ;)

> (Do we even have anyone who knows how to make a wiki look good?
> And how long will it take them to do so?

Wikis with stylesheets support exist, images can be placed as you
like, what else does it need?

> Remember, unless we have a whole seperate test wiki, we probably
> don't want the sucker live until the design phase is done.

Bah, learning by doing. ;)
Otherwise it will "never be ready for public".

> We'll also need admins to do lockouts and reverts of vandalism.
> This is a lot more sysadmin work than what we do now, even
> though it does distribute the content authoring and maint.

If the community can't sustain itself, then it need not be kept
alive artificially. Some degree of admin power delegation will
certainly exist for the pathological cases.

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