Version 1.1.0 was sent to the sourceforge page. It usually takes some  
time for the Apple release pages to be updated. In this update you  
will find:

- Fixed bug in server deselect
- Fixed bug in message duplication
- Improved connection handling and shutdown
- Better separation in classes
- Improved dashboard behaviour
- Cleanup messages, playerlist etc when quiting
- Added RSA (Universal)
- Enabled manual entry of servers
- Added Classical Theme
- Updated the User Manual
- Placed source under SCM
- Added Credits pane (Pascal Defcom)
- Added online help, coup, quit and war declaration
- Added response to HOG call
- Included relocatable server
- Send Quit to server when ending game
- Fix server install problem
- Fix problem with dmg appearing on right half of screen
- Released Developer docs

Enjoy !


P.S. now would be a good time for anyone who manages a server to add  
the key.