Fri Dec 29 14:02:40 CST 2006  Bob Tanner <tanner at>
  *   * Clean up of control file to make linda and lintian happy
    * Upgrade to Standards-Version: 3.7.2
    * Small change to extended description
    * Conversion of rules to cdbs
    * The common licenses (GPL, BSD, Artistic, etc) have been moved from
    * /usr/doc/copyright to 
      /usr/share/common-licenses. Copyright files should be updated
    * trekon uses #!/bin/csh. The Debian policy for scripts explicitly warns
    * against using csh 
      and tcsh as scripting languages.
    * Renamed init to netrek-server-vanilla.init to work with cdbs
    * Added debian/manpages and created netrekd.1, Debian policy requires all
    * binaries to have 
      a manpage.
    * setpath is a shellscript missing magic cookie, added #!/bin/sh to comply
    * with Debian policy
    * The postrm de-registers an /etc/init.d script which has not been registered
    * in the postinst 
      script before. Comments in the postinst ask for a debconf configuration
      option. Commenting out the de-register to make lintian happy.
    * Added symlink between netrekd and newstartd
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