butt-torpers. I haven't played for too long, but hasn't such a
feature been implemented already somewhere (more fuel cost when
fired in certain angle range, maybe even related to the angle up
to a limit like 90deg +- from butt and current speed [run-aways])?
(or was that (just) in Paradise? No idea really, but sounds deja vu.)

I like the "can't carry" limitation, since newbies don't care for
this until they can control their ship somewhat, but it will
definitely hurt oldies.
Any more such ideas which only hurt oldies, because newbies don't
know/ care about it yet?
Maybe cloak (as long as they can't carry)?

> No way on the damage thing.

No, enemy info beyond positions known to team are taboo, even to

> As for army counts on all planets, if you think it's a helpful
> feature to newbies, then how about just give it to everyone?

I'd prefer this one, too, even against oldies complaining that
their elite info-gathering skills are useless now.
Since you can see whether it's >4 (bombable or not) anyway, this
being already what matters most, how many exactly is just
secondary, but a nice to have.
Oh yes, if not all are picked, you need to know what it was before
to know how many have been picked (or picked at all?) ... well...
again something that rarely needs asked for special info-gathering

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