On Fri, Feb 03, 2006 at 12:32:22AM -0500, Zach wrote:
> Is the latest Vanilla in the sourceforge CVS?

Of course.  The latest release of the Netrek Server Vanilla is 2.10.1
from 30th September 2005.  The CVS tag is v_2_10_1.  The several changes
since then are in CVS, but are not released as a .tar.gz yet.

> What happened to the historical archive?

Why do you want it?  Why should we spend effort on even answering this
question?  It has been answered two or three times before in the past
six months.

> Is that in sourceforge CVS?

Some is, some is not.

> What is the user/password and path for the sourceforge CVS?

Oh, come on.  Can't you read SourceForge documentation?  I can't tell
you your password, but the project member list shows zingph as your
username.  If you've got a problem with your account, contact
SourceForge about it, not us.

Anonymous access to CVS is available from SourceForge.  Go to the
project page, click on CVS, then read the page.  I'll not repeat what
they say here, in case it changes.


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