netrek-server-vanilla 2.10.2 was released today, with some interesting
changes since 2.10.1.  A multicast server solicitation feature is
implemented for LAN parties.
71b9f4474c86922024ac13de87f69d4f  netrek-server-vanilla-2.10.2.tar.gz

Released first in Australia.  Later it will be imported to SourceForge
and other repositories.

Summary of changes:

- add documentation to debian packaging [cameron]
- fix signal function in configure test [anonymous]
- add reload option to netrekd for use by init.d scripts [cameron]
- add tool for dumping metaserver or multicast server state [cameron]
- remove robots from metaserver report [cameron]
- fix refit to enable docking and restrict speed [shadow hunter]
- add multicast server discovery [cameron]
- fix leak of active process count in newstartd [cameron]
- change file .metaservers to metaservers [cameron]

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