Here's more. 

My original code did what I wanted it to do, although
I saw some gaping holes in the strategy. 

Here are most of the holes plugged up. 

I think the robots are good enough to play in a normal
pickup game queue without getting confused with war
declarations now. 

I did a test run outlined in the patch. And robots
worked as I wanted the code to work. 

I was thinking the robots should check to see if the
3rd space scummer leaves the game, or gets forced onto
a t-mode team, and declare peace right then and there.
But that would involve ALOT of message decoding on the
robots part (and alot of code to be written on my
part)... So instead, declare_intents() gets called
(the peace part only), everytime the robots die. It's
a compromise, but I think it will work for now.

Again, thanks to Quozl and others for providing
commentary on my code. 

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