netrek-client-cow 3.2.0 was released today, containing the new multicast
server solicitation feature for LAN parties.  This is the first release
since 3.01pl0 on 22nd June 2002.
31dccb5ac01f163bec310e339a984ad8  netrek-client-cow-3.2.0.tar.gz

Summary of user changes:
- desktop icon name change [Tanner]
- multicast server discovery [Cameron]

Summary of technical changes:
- change source package name from COW to netrek-client-cow [Cameron]
- packaging for Debian and Ubuntu style distributions [Tanner]
- version number format change [Cameron]
- remove win32/libgmp.a binary file [Cameron]
- default to --enable-unstable on configure [Cameron]
- packet logging improvements [Villalpando]

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