Hello folks,

Some updates regarding mailing lists.

Bob has graciously agreed to take over lists.netrek.org, the now-defunct
list server formerly hosted on orion.  We should be set with the current
{netrek,netrek-dev,netrek-cvs}@us.netrek.org lists, but any additions
will go there from now on.  The lists.netrek.org manager is the same as

I have removed the numerous mailing lists on SourceForge after
discussion with James.  Most of these lists were empty or inactive save
one, netrek-vanilla-cvs at lists.sourceforge.net, and that was just a
subset of netrek-cvs at us.netrek.org.  Please use netrek-cvs at us.netrek.org
for CVS related mail going forward.

Please let me know if there are any problems.