On Sat, May 06, 2006 at 03:57:12PM -0400, Zach wrote:
> I see quite a few changes have been made in Vanilla. How do I update
> my darcs repo to pull in these changes?

darcs pull

This will pull in these changes from the repository you last did a get
or pull from.  Chances are this is the repository you want.

Remember there are multiple repositories, and they may not have the same
changes.  That's the whole idea of decentralised development.  The
netrek.org repository tracks CVS on SourceForge until 1st June 2006.  My
public repository has some changes that are not and never will be in

The changes you saw on the Netrek CVS mailing list are the changes made
to CVS on SourceForge.  If these are the only changes you want in your
darcs repository, then you should pull from only the netrek.org

To make that explicit rather than having darcs default to the last used
repository, add the URL of the repository to the end of the pull
command, like so:

darcs pull http://www.netrek.org/repos/netrek-server/

Please read this section of the manual:

Switching from CVS
Darcs commands for CVS users

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