On 5/10/06, Jimmy Huang <jimmyhua73 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the quick darcs intro.
> Some quick mentions. This has probably have to do with
> darcs more than netrek but:
> I had to:
> chmod u+x configure
> chmod u+x tools/mktrekon

Yes, this is unfortunate. This is now mentioned in the new file
Vanilla/README.darcs, which doubles as a shell script which will
correct the problem.

> to get the configure to work, and subsequently the
> make install to work.
> Quick question:
> I imagine darcs record, then darcs send.
> Sends the whole tree.
> Is there a way to do this only to a single directory
> like the robotd directory or a single file?

Darcs record makes a patch file, and records it in _darcs/patches/.

Darcs send will send only the unsent patches.

There have been two patches sent to the list in the last 24 hours,
look for attachments named
something-with-a-lengthy-and-hyphenated-name.dpatch. You'll see that
the patches are quite short, and are actually shorter than preparing
unified diffs.
Stephen Thorne
Development Engineer