On 5/11/06, Stas Pirogov <keyos at keyos.org> wrote:
> I have no idea why this came as one file, but anyway.
> The only thing I didn't do was running autoconf to create configure
> scripts for both root and res-rsa directories. I ran them on my comp
> and tested that everything works fine. Just don't want to create patch
> of configure scripts (Hope Quozl will do that :)
> Please, test it on linuxes before adding to repo.

Can I get some other people to test this? I've tested it on OSX, and
it causes my build to fail horribly.

Procedure for test is:

# create a branch using local copy
darcs get /path/to/local/netrek-server netrek-server-test-autoconf
# enter the branch
cd netrek-server-test-autoconf
# pull changes to test
darcs pull -a http://shiny.thorne.id.au/~stephen/netrek-server/
cd Vanilla
# create new ./configure file
# run the configure, be sure the append the correct flags.
# make the project

Stephen Thorne
Development Engineer