After some experiences with darcs in the last few days, I'm
instituting a few rules about how we handle patches. I want to make
very clear before I detail the rules that the reason I am detailing
these rules is so that I myself don't make the same mistakes again,
and we all have somewhere to refer to for best practice.

Firstly, if code is your own work. Please distribute it via a darcs
patch, either using 'darcs send', 'darcs send
--output=somefile.dpatch' or by publishing it on a respository
accessable via http.

Secondly, if you receieve code via the mailing list that is in a
'unified diff' format, please branch your repository to test the
patch. If you feel the need to use darcs record please do not publish
the dpatch. Wait until a dpatch is sent to the list before applying it
to your main working repository.

Thirdly, if you are unable to use darcs, and want your code to appear
in the upstream darcs repositories, send the unified diff privately to
another person who can use darcs. Don't send it to the list. That
person can create the patch (using --author "youremail at example.com")
in your name, and publish it.

This will (hopefully) resolve problems where two patches have the same
information, and result in a conflict.
Stephen Thorne
Development Engineer