I was looking at

if (j->p_flags & PFROBOT) 

However, none of the bots are marked as a robot except
for Merlin. 

I was thinking about getting the ntserv to mark the
robots as bots when they come in, as they use a
different port and wait queue to come in through.

There's an interesting bug in the current code is that
if you are marked as a robot, you appear invisible
(xsg sees it, but to a regular client, all you see are
the torps and phasors). 

Also, scattered throughout the bot-code, the bots are
programmed to ignore server bots, which have the flag

Bottom line, this isn't as easy as I thought it would

The only easy solution I can think of for now, is to
not allow people coming in with a "robot!" login. But
allow it, if it is coming from the right port 3592 and
IP address (the local computer), IP address and port
to be set by the ports file. 

This involves changing the ntserv code. I'll look into


--- Trent Piepho <xyzzy at speakeasy.org> wrote:

> If you change your login to be Robot! you won't get
> ogged by the bots.
> Use the robot flag instead.
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