netrek-server-vanilla 2.11.0 was released today, with some significant
changes since 2.10.2.  It is in production on
and I'm looking forward to the bug reports.
e4b9f7a5193ec1e08cfc722af597c7c3  netrek-server-vanilla-2.11.0.tar.gz

Summary of changes: (from NEWS)
- fix practice robots to cloak when bombing near home planet [Huang]
- fix INL confine to knock ships out of orbit [Cameron]
- describe a local unnamed server as "server on this computer" [Cameron]
- fix cambot regression [Cameron]
- convert voting, ejecting and banning to site policy in sysdef [Cameron]
- add vote to temporarily ban a player [Cameron]
- change to conquest sequence to add a parade [Cameron]
- fix unrealistic robot boredom timer [Cameron]
- add galaxy configuration tool, setplanet [Cameron]
- move common code into a libnetrek [Cameron]
- lesser lights minimal compilation target [Cameron]
- factorise god log access functions [Cameron]
- fix valgrind detected heap leaks [Cameron]
- compilation fixes for GCC 4.0.3 [Cameron]
- remove some crud from tar.gz [Cameron]
- add coding STYLE file [Cameron]
- fix client/server error over army capacity of AS in certain cases [Balcerski]
- use IP addresses only for t-mode scum test [Cameron]
- compilation fix for FreeBSD [O'Conner]

I'll take patches to fix the NEWS and ChangeLog files for any missing
changes ... things got a bit hectic with the CVS and Darcs situation, so
some changes may have been applied *without* a meaningful summary in

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