On 5/17/06, Jimmy Huang <jimmyhua73 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
> Thanks for the tips. I deleted my source tree after
> many tries. So I had to re-download it.
> I did a
> darcs get
> http://www.netrek.org/repos/netrek-client-cow/
> But this time, it seems that the configure script file
> is missing.

Oh, that's because I (summarily) decided it shouldn't be there.
configure is automatically generated from configure.in, using

Either revert the patch that removes it (darcs unpull -p patchname;
find the patchname by looking at 'darcs changes') or run autoconf.

SDL is required for autoconf to be run.

I think 'aclocal' or 'automake' might be required, but I've got no
idea. autoconf is black magic to me. Try them if autoconf doesn't
work. :)
Stephen Thorne

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