On 5/17/06, Jimmy Huang <jimmyhua73 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
> You misunderstood me.  I have a linux box sitting
> right here next to me running Debian Sarge 31r1.
> The code works and have been extensively play tested.
> I DON'T have a linuxbox with a static IP address
> directly on the internet where I can host a newbie
> server for *everyone* to play on 24x7.

Damn, I was hoping someone else would handle steps 1->5 for me so I
could publish step 6 on www.netrek.org. You got my hopes up :(.

I'll talk to Q about more netrekd servers tomorrow. Maybe we can run
multiple ones on continuum or something.
Stephen Thorne

"Give me enough bandwidth and a place to sit and I will move the world."
  --Jonathan Lange