I found an interesting bug when Vanilla server is run
in newbie mode. 

To test, I use a bot "Marvin" to play on one of the
teams to keep the game going. 

One team gets timercided (usually, after a couple of


1. Losing team gets to join back into the timercided

2. Winning team is too clueless to finish the game and
take that last neuted planet. 

3. global stats get ruined and bots spend time

Anyways, I was wondering how you want this fixed. 

We can:

1. Make the bots smart enough to finish the game. 
2. Have Merlin (newbie.c) robot reset the galaxy upon
3. Have the daemon (daemonII.c) reset the galaxy upon
timercide when in the newbie mode. 
4. force loser bots over to a 3rd team. 

In the past, bots and humans joined in the same queue.
And when the bots and humans got forced onto a
different team on timercide, the winning bots would
cause a geno when they went on to take a third space
planet (after reprogramming their computers). This
doesn't happen anymore, but it was fun to watch.

Of course 2 or 3 is the easiest to code. I haven't
thought about how to do 1 yet.